Community Service

Community Service Projects:

Is your organization interested in sponsoring a Community Service Project?

Frederick County Department of Social Services will work with your group to find projects which meet our mutual needs.

Listed below are some potential projects your organization may wish to consider.

Please contact Barbara Knight, Volunteer Programs Coordinator at 301.694.2470 for additional information.

Community Service Projects:

Summer Camp Sponsorship: Sponsor disadvantaged children for day or overnight camp experiences.
School Supplies: Collect supplies to be donated to families in need.
Sponsorship of Foster Family Appreciation Celebration: Annual event in May to honor the Department’s licensed Foster Homes.
Personal Care items for Senior Citizens: Collect combs, deodorant, lotion, socks and other necessities that many elderly can not afford to buy.
Senior First Aid Kits: Collect first aid items that seniors need and can not afford to buy such as bandages (all sizes, especially large), iodine wipes, neosporin, gauze strips (1″ by 2″), medical tape, antifungal cream, mineral ice/bengay, peroxide, Q tips and tape for gauze.
Infant Supplies: Collect diapers (especially larger sizes 3,4,5,or 6), wipes, onesies (all sizes), socks, underwear, pull-ups, light weight blankets, sippy cups, plastic plates and plastic ware.
Childrens’ Books, Toys and Supplies.: To be used in the Department’s reception area and family visiting rooms. Collect items such as crayons (fat and skinny), coloring pencils, markers, coloring books, and toys such as legos, blocks, pick-up monkeys, cards, etc. In addition, a play pen, swing and rocking chair for use when children spend extended periods of time in the department.
Scholarships: Music lessons, gymnastics, ice skating for children in Foster Care.
Gift Certificates: Sporting Goods Stores; for disadvantaged children.
Children’s video’s: For Department’s reception area.
Thelma Mood Memorial Fund: Please call for additional information.