Programs & Services

Programs and Services:

Use the following program and service descriptions to determine which program will address your specific needs or concerns. You may also use the “Quick Find” menu located on each page.
Adult Protective Services – provides a variety of programs and services designed to assist adults vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation or self-neglect.

Children and Parents Support Services Program (CAPSS) – The CAPSS program was designed by the Department to provide services which assist and encourage non-custodial parents in meeting their child support obligations.

Child Care Liaison – assists employers in dealing with childcare issues of employees by serving as a link to information and resources.

Child Care Food Program – promotes proper nutrition and health of children in child care by educating and assisting licensed child care providers.

Child Protective Services – identifies the presence of current or past incidences of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and mental injury and to decrease the risk of continuing maltreatment.

Child Support – provides child support services to families where there is at least one parent absent from the home.

Cold Weather Shelter – provides shelter to homeless persons when the weather drops below 32 degrees.

Employment Resource Center – provides job search opportunities and services to our customers.

Foster Care and Adoption – provide services to children placed out of the home.

Food Stamps – the Food Stamp Program allows eligible households to obtain a more nutritious diet by increasing their purchasing power.

HIV Services – the aim of the HIV program is to assist individuals and families infected or affected by HIV to improve their quality of life and maximize their independence.

Home Aides – assisting low income, frail, elderly and disabled adults of Frederick County.

Housing Assistance – stabilizes housing to prevent homelessness through eviction prevention, rental assistance and emergency assistance. (Call 301-694-2450)

Home Energy Programs – assists with heating and electric emergencies and bill payment for low income residents, mainly through the Maryland Energy Assistance Program and the Electric Universal service Program. (Call 301-694-2410)

Long-Term Care Program – assists eligible individuals residing in a long-term care facility to assist with their medical expenses and some part of their cost-of care.

Maryland Children’s Health Program – this program provides health insurance coverage for average to low-income children and pregnant women.

Medical Assistance (Community Programs) – assists eligible individuals that are low-income, elderly and/or disabled.

Mental Health Case Management – provides targeted case management services to eligible consumers under Maryland’s Public Mental Health system.

Project Home – the program is designed to serve adults who are unable to continue functioning independently in their own homes, and who need and desire the support and security of family living.

Purchase of Care – assisting working families with childcare costs.

Senior Care – services to help frail older persons to live in their homes and avoid having to move into a nursing home or other institution.

Temporary Cash Assistance – provides financial assistance to families seeking self-efficiency through employment and to children in care of relatives.

TEMHA – a program to help Maryland residents who are totally disabled and cannot work.